Elementary Presentations (Round 1)

February 22, 2024

To keep the Groveport Madison community informed throughout this collaborative process, the Facility Master Planning Committee is giving community presentations at each of the elementary school buildings. Each session includes a brief overview of the planning process while allowing participants to ask questions and tour the respective school building.

Split up into two waves, the initial set of presentations were given at the following buildings:

  • February 20th – Dunloe Elementary School
  • February 21st – Groveport Elementary School
  • February 22nd – Asbury Elementary School

Presentations for the remaining three elementary schools are set for the following dates and times. All members of the Groveport Madison community are welcome and encouraged to participate.

  • March 5th at 6pm – Glendening Elementary School
  • March 6th at 6pm – Madison Elementary School
  • March 13th at 6pm  – Sedalia Elementary School

The slide decks for the first three presentations are included below.

Review the presentations: